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“The only thing constant is change” is the ideology that drove a 500 day transformation at Silk and Cashmere.
From our logo to our store design, a “Renaissance” revitalized our two decade-old brand. This November we are celebrating the second year of the renovation and dedicating this month’s story to the bolder, braver and energized Renaissance Collection. Enjoy an edgier winter wardrobe with the new spirit of cashmere.

We’ve restructured classics by adding looser fits, shoulder cut-outs and chunky turtlenecks. Delightful cashmere details will spice up your style and keep you warm as a chilly winter sets in. The Lilly Bell Long Sleeve stands out with its wear and tear-effect while the Virginia Cold Shoulder Sweater dazzles with its shoulder décolletage and intricate knit play.

Swap out your jacket with the Striped Poncho to let the warmth of cashmere battle the winter cold. With its flowy structure and cozy hood, you’ll feel free and fabulous while showing off your street style. A Renaissance Collection favorite, this poncho is sure to be your
outerwear go-to.

Simplicity is the key to sophistication. The Virginia Large Neck sweater is the subtlest execution of an exaggerated form. Effortlessly
chic,this dramatic neckline produces a very refined and sophisticated look.

Not your average hoodie. The Riga Striped Hoodie is the perfect balance between sport and style. With a trendy array of colors, this
cashmere blend hoodie will effortlessly accompany you on a busy day.

One of the most original pieces of the Renaissance Collection, the Zipfinity Cardigan has a zipper that loops around the entire
neckline! An ideal piece for all hours, the unique cashmere blend cardigan can be dressed up or down.

Get ready to up your style game and your frame this November! The Coty Shoulder Detail Sweater is ideal for those who want to refresh their look with unique detailing. The striped knit on the arms accentuates the shoulders, portraying a more pronounced
shoulder frame. The Neo Pullover is cashmere in its most modern form! The window detailing right below the shoulders makes this piece a stand out. Be prepared for all the attention this sweater will bring upon you.

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Cashmere Blend Ribbon V Back Top - Greige

70 % Wool 30 % Cashmere
319 TL 96 TL

Cashmere Blend Brando Pocketed Plv - Black

90 % Cotton 10 % Cashmere
429 TL 215 TL

Cashmere Blend Riga Striped Hoodie -

90 % Wool 10 % Cashmere
589 TL 177 TL

Silk Blend Angel Cropped Cardigan - Pale Grey

Impossibly soft and quilted, this cropped cardigan will certainly keep you comfortable.
489 TL 342 TL

Cashmere Blend Brando Pocketed Plv - Greige

90 % Cotton 10 % Cashmere
429 TL 215 TL

Cashmere Blend Neo Mens Plv - Navy Blue

90 % Wool 10 % Cashmere
539 TL 162 TL

Silk Blend Ahu Shawl with Leather Fringes - Brown

80 % wool 20% silk
395 TL 119 TL

English Rib Loop scarf - Greige

70% Merino Wool 30% Cashmere
315 TL 221 TL