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Let the soft touch of pure cashmere warm your homes.  Cozy up with a pair of pure cashmere slippers and 100% cashmere throw.  Obtain skin as soft as silk with our silk protein soap and pure silk mitt.  Enjoy a peaceful sleep with our anti-allergenic silk comforter.  Bring the joy of silk and cashmere into your homes.

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Delicates Shampoo

S&C Shampoo was created to help preserve the magical touch and color of your cashmere, silk and other delicate garments for years to come.
59 TL

Tüy Temizleme Makinesi - - Beyaz

This rechargeable fabric shaver gently removes lint from your delicate garments without damaging them.
69 TL

Yelpaze - Açık - Açık Pembe

The classiest way to cool down. Pure silk and pure bamboo to the rescue.
59 TL

Sedir Ağacı - Brown

Cedarwood has been used for centuries to naturally protect clothes from moths. It is the perfect way to store your delicate garments for years to come. This product is 100% natural and does@t include any added chemicals/
25 TL

Keçi - Brown

The Capra Hircus Cashmere goat is here to cure your writer's block.
32 TL 19 TL

Yelpaze - - Kahve

The classiest way to cool down. Pure silk and pure bamboo to the rescue.
59 TL

Scented Reed Diffuser - Standart

The essences of our cozy cardigan fragrance hail from the very homeland of our pure cashmere. The aphrodisiac cinnamon blends harmoniously with the aromatic orange blossom, both traditional elements that have been used in the Far East for centuries/ The finishing touch comes from a rich balance of delicate sandalwood and charming amber, warming your home the way our cozy cardigans warm your skin...
79 TL 59 TL

Silk Single quilt 155x215 - White

Our 100% silk duvet is the closest you'll get to sleeping on the clouds.
985 TL 690 TL

Single Cashmerequilt - White

The world's softest fibre is here to provide the most restful sleep. Enjoy our divine cashmere duvet.
1,200 TL 840 TL