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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop without becoming a member?

If earning points and gifts from your purchase sounds like a blast, then hello new member! However the choice is yours and you can complete your purchase by choosing to shop as a guest at checkout.

How can I be informed of campaigns and new products?

What a wonderful request. Enter your email in the subscription bar on the bottom of each page on our website. You will be automatically added to our mailing list and notified of all things Silk and Cashmere!

Can I cancel my order?

However heartbreaking it may be, yes you can. Your payment will be returned according to your initially chosen payment method (returned to your card if you chose credit card, or to your bank account if you chose bank transfer), in compliance with your banks refund policy. Note: The above mentioned return policy is valid only for transactions made through our online store.

What is your return policy?

There are two requirements for returns:

1) The returned item must be unused, have its original tag attached, and be in sellable condition.

2) We accept returns only to the following address:


If both requirements are complied, you may return your product within 30 days of your invoice issue date.

How can I return a product?

Quite surprisingly quite easily. After filling out the return form which was delivered to you with your order, please send your items to the below mentioned address. If you reside in Turkey, we offer free delivery with MNG Kargo. All other couriers are not covered by Silk and Cashmere.

We do not accept returns to any other address: SERTRANS LOJİSTİK  ÖMERLİ MH. HADIMKÖY- İSTANBUL CAD. NO:260-262 34555 ARNAVUTKÖY-İSTANBUL

Are returns free?

It depends. If you reside in Turkey and choose to send your returns with MNG Kargo, then yes! The delivery fee of items sent through all other couriers are not covered by Silk and Cashmere.

How soon will my payment appear in my account after returning an order?

Returns that comply with our Return Policy are notified to the bank within 3 business days. Once notified, the processing speed is up to your bank. Note: Processing returns may take longer than usual during campaigns due to high transaction volumes.

Siparişimin ödemesini taksitli olarak gerçekleştirdim, ürün bedeli iadesi de taksitli mi olacak?

Güzel soru, kısaca açıklayalım: bankanızdan alacağınız geri ödeme, ürünü satın aldığınız taksit sayısı ile eşit sayıda olacaktır. Bankaların taksitli iade kuralları değişebilmektedir, bankanızı arayarak bu konuda en doğru bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz.

Can I exchange an item?

Why not! Items purchased from our online store can be exchanged at our stores or by sending your original item to the aforementioned return address. Note: The same model item may vary in price according to color. Prices in our online store during campaigns may vary with prices in our physical stores. Lastly, if the exchange is being made at a physical store, the pricing of the store will be used.

What is your exchange policy?

The same as our return policy: items must be unused, with the original tag attached and in sellable condition.

Which courier do you use?

In an ideal world, teleportation. In Turkey we use MNG Kargo. For international shipments we use DHL.

In how many days will my order be delivered?

You can be sure that we try our absolute best to prepare your order for shipment within 3 business days of receiving your precious order. Once your order is ready, packages sent within Turkey usually take 1-3 business days. If you are not at your given address, your package will be delivered to the closest MNG Kargo location. We would like to gently remind you that if you are unable to pick up your package within 3 business days it is sent back to us.

International orders vary greatly depending on which country you reside in.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes! You name it, we’ll send it. Except for space. We haven’t made an agreement with NASA- yet.

Also, here’s a bonus: we cover all international duties and taxes to ensure that you won't have to pay any additional charges.

How much will I pay for shipping?

Free shipping on orders above 150 Euros. Rejoice! We charge a 10 Euro fee on orders under 150 Euros.

Can I track my order?

Oh, the anticipation! Once your order has shipped we will email you your tracking number.

What should I look out for of when receiving my order?

Just to be safe, we suggest checking your order on the spot as soon as it is delivered. If your package has been damaged, you can immediately return it to the person delivering your order.

Can I send a gift to someone?

Aren’t you a good friend! Your Billing Address and Shipping Address can be different therefore you can enter that special someone’s address in the Shipping Address section.

Is there a Franchising System?

Please email pazarlama@fabeks.com for Franchise and Corner inquiries.

How long do items remain in my cart?

Here’s the deal, once an item is in your cart, it remains in your cart until it is out of stock. Adding an item to your cart doesn’t translate to reserving the item. In order to avoid heartbreak we suggest you act fast!

Can I reserve an item?

We are unfortunately unable to reserve an item.

How can I know if an item is in stock?

Here’s where “Live Chat” comes into the picture! You can reach our representatives 24/7 and share the item’s code to find out where your future-beloved-garment-to-be is.

How can I win a Discount Coupon

There comes our wonderful mailing list again. Sign up to hear about seasonal discounts by entering your email in the mailing list tab that appears on the bottom of each page.

How can I use a Discount Coupon?

First get nice and comfy and bathe in the joy of knowing that you’re about to get a great discount. Then read the email regarding your Discount Coupon instructions thoroughly.

Note: Discount coupons vary in use depending on the campaigns they are valid for.

If I return an item I purchased with a coupon, will my coupon credit be returned to my account?

Ummm.. Wel… Here’s the thing. Unfortunately, we are unable to reload credit for a returned item purchased with a coupon.

Is it safe to pay via credit card on your website?

Be fearless, be free! In order to provide the safest checkout experience, silkandcashmere.com does not store any card information in its server. All transactions via credit card occur through your bank and your computer/laptop/ipad/iphone/notebook (you get the jist).

We use the utmost secure protocols in order to protect your privacy, including SSL technology. Your credit card information is converted into a 128 byte encrypted code which is then shared with your bank. Therefore only your bank and your device can see your card information. Now that’s safe.

What are my payment options?

Credit Card and Pay Pal. Telepathic payment will be available as soon as we figure telepathic delivery out.

What is the return address for online purchases?


The product I received has been damaged. What do I do?

Firstly, don’t panic. Secondly, we apologize sincerely. Even though it’s very rare, sometimes your delicate garments can be faulty or get damaged on the way. Please let us know what is wrong with the item. If it was damaged during delivery, please return it to the courier who delivered it and provide the aforementioned return address. You can also send it to the Return Address and we will cover your shipping costs for damaged items.

How do you calculate return costs?

The return costs is the same as the original cost of the item. If a discount coupon was used to purchase the item, the coupon becomes invalid.

Do I cover the shipping cost of returns?

If you are in Turkey you can use MNG Kargo services free of charge. Unfortunately all other couriers are not covered by silkandcashmere.com.

Can I return/exchange a product I purchased online at a Silk and Cashmere store?

Absolutely! You can access our store list here: Our Stores

Are there items that cannot be returned/exchanged?

If the item is in sellable condition and within 30 days of its original purchase date, we are able to accept it as a return/exchange. We are unable to accept items that do not meet this criteria.

Where can I find the item I’m looking for?

Just ask our friends at Live Chat, ready to answer your questions 24/7! They’ll let you know if the item is available online, or the store closest to you!

I want to buy wholesale. What do I do?

How flattering! Please email info@silkandcashmere.com regarding your wholesale inquiries. You will be responded to in a timely manner.

How long does an items warrantee last?

Within two years of purchase, the cost of repairs is on us. After two years, we charge a fee for repairs.