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A rare and precious fiber, cashmere requires delicate care.  Check out our range of Cashmere Care products, developed exclusively to keep your garments in peak condition. When used with care, cashmere will last a lifetime...

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Delicates Shampoo - Standart

S&C Shampoo was created to help preserve the magical touch and color of your cashmere, silk and other delicate garments for years to come.
59 TL

Sedir Ağacı - Brown

Cedarwood has been used for centuries to naturally protect clothes from moths. It is the perfect way to store your delicate garments for years to come. This product is 100% natural and does@t include any added chemicals/
25 TL

Tüy Temizleme Makinesi - - Beyaz

This rechargeable fabric shaver gently removes lint from your delicate garments without damaging them.
69 TL

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